Tuesday, 23 April 2013

J is for . . . Juggling

Juggling, a cool trick that clowns do?

Yes, but no.

It's also something that many families deal with every single day. The juggle between, being a mum, having a clean house, having a social life, working or studying and being a partner.
Some people are fantastic at this.

Me, on the other hand?

Well all it would take is a look inside my house to see that things aren't spotless. Its something im struggling with.

im at uni, every day. Somedays for 3 hours, some for 8 and its not a shock, that I miss my little man to no end when im gone. So when I am with him, I want to spend all my time playing around with him, giving him cuddles and reassuring him that ill always be here, even when i'm not.

And then with study, as soon as he goes to sleep I try and catch up on a weeks worth of tute questions and lecture notes. For those of you studying or who have studied in the past, will know, it can be never ending!

So how do I sort it out? how have I managed to spread myself among all the tasks I have to do?

Planning! I have written up a plan for housework in the past, this one is more specific that for sure.

but very simple.

Each day I write up at least 3 items that need to be done around the house. I then make sure that every time E goes down for a nap, I complete one of these. He has 2 naps a day and then bed time at the end of the night. So I complete the 3 tasks by bed time and I find myself feeling more accomplished!

I also let the little stuff go by, i'm not going to put his toys back in his toy box every time he goes to bed, because he is just going to pull them out again, and that fine! Choose your cleaning battles I say!

As for study, I do it for the reminder of his nap time. I will do some at bed time and my wonderful partner looks after E for a few hours on the weekend, out of the house. So I can have some peace and quiet study time! Which I truly appreciate.

Also coming into winter, I will be making full use of my slow cooker! Such an easy way to prepare delicious meals and so quick! Something I can leave on all day and have a beautiful meal at the end of it! Just perfect!

And lastly, I make sure there is time for Thomas and I to just be, us!
Of a night time we can sit in bed and just chat about our day. It might not be anything important, but just getting back to basics and really talking to each other.
And then on he weekend we might get a bottle of wine or some chocolate and watch a movie in bed together. Just really simple things, that help us to reconnect. I think this is such an important part of relationships after children.

So it might not be perfect, My house might not be spotless, we might not have gourmet dinners every night, we might not get to enjoy romantic evenings anymore.


Im studying hard, and getting good marks, we do eat, the house is clean enough and my little man gets as much one on one time as I can possibly give him.
And to me thats a juggling success.

So my key points?
-Plan, (Meals, chores, and friends)
-Enjoy (every little moment you can, with kids and partners)
-Be proud (of everything you do, no one is perfect)
-Prioritise (MOST IMPORTANT, if your having one of those days, and just need to spend a little extra cuddle time with your kids, then do it! the cleaning will always be there tomorrow)

What tips do you have for the juggle of life?

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  1. It is so hard doing the juggling thing ! I know how we battled when I went back to work when K was 4 weeks old - and it was hard work but take heart - it does get easier !!!!
    Have the best day and take care of yourself.

    1. Thank you <3 Im sure ill get into the swing of things eventually!!

  2. It's such a balancing act... the hardest thing is picking up the juggling balls when they crash around your feet! 😜 It all gets done eventually though!

    1. BTW love your blog name!

    2. Yes exactly, it will eventually get done! Thank you very much :) x

  3. Looking at that first photo, can I just say that that is my house on a really good day, lol! S I think you are doing a stellar job. I really struggle when it comes to keeping the house clean and tidy, not because I don't have enough time but because I'm lazy and the is always something better I'd love to be doing. Like reading, blogging, hanging with Punky or Dave. I Love your idea of writing down three things each day to do and focusing on them, that definitely makes it seem more doable and less daunting, I'm going to give it a try.

    #teamIBOT was here!

    1. haha I chose a tame corner of the house to photograph (cheating) haha! Yeah I would really recommend the 3 things. Its the only thing that works for me! haha! goodluck!
      :) x

  4. Good luck with your plan! I find that our house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy!
    The kids seem to thrive better this way. :)

    1. That is the most awesome quote! Thank you for sharing, its completely correct! x

  5. Man oh man you house is immaculate compared to mine, if that pic is anything to go by. But I get your point, we all had AMAZEBALLS homes before kids and now they've turned to shite! But it just takes time to realise what is important, house work - not so much, reading to kids, playing pirates - a big deal! GREAT post, but please try to be kind to yourself when you can! Em

    1. I chose a tame corner haha! Its so very true, I would prefer to crawl around the floor with my little dude than clean. The cleaning will always be here, but he wont always want to play with me :) xx

  6. I love this! We are very similar, and I know a list of jobs really helps me focus. I haven't done it for a while, but I need to get back into the habit.
    We have a home date night once a week, that involves, wine, takeaway and a movie and we love it.

  7. Kate, I admire woman like you who are able to study and take care of their family at the same time. I know how studying is time consuming and difficult. And you have a blog! Well done!


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