Sunday, 28 April 2013

W is for. . . Weekly wisdom

Today im linking up with the lovely Jess For IBOT.
Go ahead and link up!

Whats the saying?

You learn something new every day?

I believe this with all of my heart, it might be something as simple as the spelling of a word or something more important about yourself or others.

So I have decided to set up my very first linky!

Its call Wisdom of the week!

If you learn something new, why not share it with everyone? so we can all enjoy new knowledge.

Each Monday the linky will go up and it will close of a Sunday! Ill then share my favourite post on Sunday night with links back to your blog!

So please share your smarts and help me get my first linky up and going.

This week I learnt...

That Robert Downey Jr just keeps getting better! The Mr and I went to gold class to see Iron Man 3 and it was out of this world incredible! I loved the first 2 and was actually worried about the third one being a let down. Im so very glad I was wrong!

The story line was fantastic, as far as superhero movies go it was very believable and the characters where just as fantastic as ever! I renewed my RDJ crush and started a new one with Gweneth Paltrow who looks smoking hot in the movie.

It really is a must see if your a fan of action movies, especially if your a marvel fan! Its also a great way to spend some down time with someone important to you, it could be a partner or just your bestie, but a night out at the cinemas did wonders for the Mr and I.

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So link up guys, What have you learnt this week?

Make sure you give the other blogs a read too, spread the love guys!


  1. What a great idea - will have to have a think about what wisdom I can share. I know if I asked A he would say "Don't look directly into the sun" because that is his std reply to a question about wisdom !!!
    Have the best day !

    1. Hahah well those are very wise words, nothing worse than a burnt retina haha! I would love it if you join up! Im sure your full of wisdom :)
      Hope your having a fabulous day! x

  2. What a great linky idea! I love RDJ too! Can you believe I haven't seen Iron Man 1 or 2 but I saw him in The Avengers and will definitely go and see Iron Man 3!

    1. Thank you! I thought so :)
      oh goodness dont miss it! its a cracker and he is amazing in it! I would definitely recommend the first 2 as well!

    2. Cool idea for a linky! Could I post up my pearl of wisdom that I've just posted for IBOT? Or does it have to be new?

    3. Thank you! And of course you can thats totally fine :-)

  3. We watched Iron Man 3 too! RDJ is great and I love the suit!! This week, I think I am learning, that if your only move at a hundred miles an hour, there is a good chance you might crash!
    Great linky idea xx

    1. It was great wasnt it!
      And very wise advice! And sometimes people learn the hard way! I will take this on board for sure xx

  4. What have I learnt this week? Sleep is definitely not for the weak! I can feel bedtime calling me :)

  5. Good luck with your linky! I will try to participate but I'm a bit into slow blogging at the moment.

  6. I love this linky subject, and will definitely be joining in!
    My husband talked me into seeing Iron Man 3 yesterday, and I have to say I really enjoyed it, lots of laughs, and he's such a cutie!
    I've just found your lovely blog via IBOT.
    Lisa :)


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