Wednesday, 17 April 2013

W is for . . . Where for art thou Crunchy?

Where am I?

Here I am!!

The juggle between uni, motherhood, Love and a somewhat clean house, left little time for my poor neglected blog! I miss the relaxation of writing and connecting with the wonderful people I have guess what?

Im Back!

and better than ever! I have posts scheduled, products reviewed, training to (re)start and a blog to show some love too! I just hope it missed me as much as I missed it.

What has happened since I left?

Well I have a 9 Month old! Yep 9 months! and boy oh boy is he clever!
He claps and waves, he hi fives and shakes his head to say no. He says dad, nan, ta, this (what this?) hi, yeah, no and tries to say pup (he gets the pah out) still no mum (its ok, its not like i birthed him and feed him or anything)! He also pulls up on EVERYTHING and took a few steps behind his walker today!

Oh and he has no hair...

...and no teeth. But he is totally perfect! (mumma brag over)

I have totally nerded myself out, I spend all my spare time studying. Which as crazy as it may sound, is amazing! Im loving my course so much and I even have my first placement coming up soon!
Being a midwife is going to be fantastic, im even considering a placement for a couple of weeks overseas. But we will see how that goes!

Life is busy, its stressful and its totally crazy fitting everything in on very little sleep (im sure he will sleep through eventually right?) but it is amazing, I am more happy than I have ever been in my life!
I have found my calling
my happy place
I feel like I am on the exact path im meant to be on!

Bring on the future!

Whats new with everyone else?
Update me on the goss!

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  1. This is such a positive and uplifting post K.. There is nothing nicer than finding what you want to do and being able to do it - good for you !!
    Have the best day !


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