Friday, 18 January 2013

N is for . . . N.I.P

Nursing in public!

No matter who you are, or where you are in this big wide world of ours. There is no doubt that you have heard the debate in nursing in public. Weather it be from a passerby or a family member is someone on television, the debate is consistently raging and I'm sure it's one that will never end.

I know that a couple of good friends of mine in America just participated in what they call a "nurse in" which happened because there was an uproar over s women nursing in public, so a group of women gathered at the place where it occurred and nursed there little ones. I am in love with this concept and think its amazing that the women stood up for what they believe in.

Personally I believe that if your baby is hungry, you should feed them whenever or wherever you are. I do not see how something so beautiful and natural can possibly offend anyone. And if it does offend you, I believe that your the one with the issue. But at the same time, I can understand making sure its not right in a persons face.

Today Kochie, host of Sunrise on Chanel 7, has caused quite a uproar by tweeting that ..."I don't think it's unreasonable to expect breast feeding in public is done discreetly. I think it's just common courtesy to others" this was in reference to a lady who was breast feeding at his local pool which was busy on the day it occurred.

Now saying such a bold statement has obviously landed him in somehow water, but I do believe he is in the wrong as the mother was trying to watch her children who were in the pool whilst nursing her hungry child, and I do not believe the right thing for her to be doing was be out of the way!

Unfortunately it's comments such as this that make people who breastfeed self conscious of nursing in public and that's the worst part of the whole debate. Women should field comfortable feeding their child where ever they please. It is after all the most natural things mother can do for her child.

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