Sunday, 20 January 2013

F is for . . . Future

I had a reality hit this evening, I have a feeling I am seeing into my future!

Tonight we have had a lovely evening, no television, radio or technology (until now of course). We went shopping today and Thomas bought a book, that he is actually reading. and I found a few crafty inspirations that made me want to get home and get a little craft crazy.

So we put out little man down to sleep and got to our old school evening entertainment. But in being old school, I think i peeked into our future.

A future where my husband of 40 years, will be sitting in his recliner, with his poppy glasses on, reading his favourite book. He is of course getting senile in his old age, so you must not disturb him. And lets be honest, he will probably fall asleep whilst reading, snoring loudly, yet peacefully in his favourite seat of the house.

Although, I do predict a grandpa jumper, and some slippers rather than his quicksilver shirt.

And then there is me, Have I mentioned I have a new favourite seat in the house? Its already completely nanna-ed out. I actually got it from a nana!

Yep, this is my new chair. Its a glider rocker and let me tell you, it totally rocks my socks off!

So I decided, it would be fitting, to commence some crochet in my rocking chair, under my blankie, on my nana chair. It was the most relaxed I have been in a long time. I will most definitely try and work this into my weekly routine. Its too good not too!

So here I sit, on my new favorite chair. Peeking into my future. Except maybe instead of my own son attempting to crawl along the floor. There will be a great grand baby doing the same.

If my future is anywhere near as cool as the one I saw today, and Thomas and I can be as happy after 40 years as we are after 4, then i'll be the happiest nana in the world!
Bring on the future, I cannot wait to see what else is has to bring

 Did I mention I did the entire post, reading out of my glasses, and peering over the top of them at E and Daddy playing on the floor? Maybe my future isnt that far away?


  1. You're a very attractive Nanna too. So youthful looking ;)

  2. Well well well....My Hub and I celebrated 42 years of marriage this week..and it's something as you describe and more.
    The companionship and shared memories and the laughs are great.
    The reaching for glasses (reading kind!) to see anything is inevitable.
    I applaud those who read and crochet. I can read. Not crochet. My best wishes to you and hub for your 40+years to be as filled with fun, love kids, ups & downs, and then grandkids as ours is. Popped over to see you from Grace's FYBF

    1. Wow congrats thats so amazing! And thank you, I hope that we can be as happy as you in our future!
      And youtube is amazing if you wanted to learn to crochet! I learnt in a weekend and its my favorite relaxing activity

  3. I'm loving the look of that nanna chair! I think it will be a long time till you look like a real nanna though! Lol :-) BTW - I love non-technology days - they are good for us!!

    1. Seriously, my butt has hardly left the chair since I got it. and it has this amazing ability to get little man to sleep!
      And I agree, we try and have no technology days on the weekend, even for a few hours. its a great way to reconnect

  4. I've been married 44 years and it has not been quite as good as Denyse. Of course I've divided the 44 by 3 wives. But doing ok now. THe grandchild thing is worth the wait.

    1. Im glad all is ok now! and the Grandchild thing must just be amazing

  5. It's so nice to see someone not only embrace the future but also relish the idea of the normalcy of what it'll hold. You do look very snug and comfy in your nana chair :)


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