Thursday, 24 January 2013

P is for . . . People

I'm sorry but this is going to be my first blog vent. Today I am so mad, at well, people!!

Over a series of 24 hours I have lost faith in humanity. It's shocking the things people will do to either further themselves or enjoy themselves at the cost of other people.

Take for example, my first baby, Bear. He is the first little love of my life, my fur baby. We believe someone tried to steal him this morning.
Someone knocked in our door at 4am to bring us out the front and then jumped the back fence. Lucky we went and checked out the back and scared the person off.

So please people in the Wyndham vale area, be careful of your pups. Make sure they are secure. My baby will be staying inside with us from now on.

Then, for what looks like the second, maybe even third time in 3 weeks. A person has lit a fire damaging hectares of grass lands and threatening houses in the local area. What kind of person enjoys seeing a flame destroy an innocent persons property! And do they hope it destroys houses too? It just makes me sick.

And then there are the fools that obviously think they are hilarious, like the ones who drove past me in their car, a P plater and all his friends who called me a hippo. Now lucky for me a hippo is my most favourite animal and I took it as a compliment, not to mention the fact I'm really happy in my own skin at the moment anyway. And then I found out that my 70 year old nan has been getting prank called, with people saying horrible thing to her.

Seriously people, find a hobby that will help the world and the people in it. Not ruin the world and be horrible to the innocent people in it. I try so hard to see the best in people as often as I can. But at least for today I have lost that ability.

And that just makes me sad.

But tomorrow is another day, and I'm just lucky I still have people in my life that can make me smile. So no matter what i'll always know, that I'm truly lucky

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