Sunday, 4 November 2012

M is for . . .Milestones

I remember back when E was a month old and I had to pack away his 0000 clothes! I was so sad, I felt like time was moving too quickly and I didnt want him to grow up!

But then he hit his first milestone, a smile, the most beautiful smile I had ever seen in my life. Then it was the roll from belly to back, and a giggle! It was then that I learned not to dred him growing, but to look forward to the milestones ahead.

There is no greater accomplishment than watching your little person grow and reach new hights! I know look at my almost 4 month old who never stops making noises, grabbing toys and drowning them in his mouth and trying his hardest to roll from his back to his belly! I could not feel more proud. Every milestone ge reaches I think, ok now time...stop! Stay in this moment.

But then he will do something even more amazing and the cycle begins again. So instead I know live in the now, I cherish all moments, the good and the bad! I enjoy the moments and the milestones that are happening now, as well as looking forward to the ones that are about to come!

Everyday I wake up and look at his little smile and think, yep today is a great day! Everything that happens today will be great and I'm the luckiest person alive.

So thanks E for making everything amazing, and never give up! You will be rolling around all over the plave before I know it...and I cant wait

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