Tuesday, 16 October 2012

S is for...stupid sticky tape!

We are moving on the weekend, a task I hate at the best of times but this is the first time I have attempted this with a baby. Its amazing how when I have nothing to do Ethan will sleep the day away, but when I have to pack up the house...its party time!

So inbetween Ethan who wont sleep and just wants to party I have the frustration of the dam sticky tape. Sure it seems like such a simple thing to use, actually something that makes life easier. But it seems I dont have the intelligence to make it work! No matter what i try i end up with sticky tape from my elbows to my knees and it sure as anything wont actually stick to the box!
I stick down one side and up pops the other, oh and my favorite is when you pack a box, pick it up and the bottom falls out. That of course is followed by the screaming of the baby I just woke up.
Whoever said sticky tape is a great invention, obviously has to teach me how to use it!

Oh well, back to the packing!

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