Tuesday, 16 October 2012

P is for Pyjamas

First off, what a strange word pyjamas is, or more importantly how bizarre is the English language. Why not just spell everything as it sounds. It would make the world so much easier!
To prove a point I will now post the remainder of this blog how I feel things should be spelt...

My little man is reely growing up! He terned 3 months old on the weekend and I can not believe how fast time is moving. It onistly haz gorn past in the blink of an I. I bort Ethan his first pair of flanalet pijamas on the weekend and put them on him tonite. He looks adorabel! But it made me realize how fast he is growing! Already in too zero clothes! I love my snugel bug and I dont want him to grow anymore!

But in saying that, watching him hit new milestones each and every day kind of makes it worth it. I just love my little man cudels and the thort of him being too big is a scary one!

Anyway here is a pikture of him in his new outfit. My goodness i kreated one darn cute little persen!

Goodnite all :-)

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