Monday, 15 October 2012

So this is me...

Here I am ,

I'm a 21 Year old mother to an incredible little man. He was born in July of 2012 and my life was instantly changed forever. 

Who ever knew that something so little and innocent could make such a big change to a person and the entire extended family. The moment he was born and I held him in my arms, my life changed, focus shifted and my heart grew. Every day is a new challenge with an incredible reward at the end. By being  a stay at home mum, I may not be paid in money, but payment in smiles is so much better. (In my opinion anyway)

I have started this blog to share my journey with the world. I want people to know me, and see that just because i'm a young mum, that does not mean I'm a bad mum. If I can change one persons opinion on young mothers, and stop them from judging people at face value, then this blog has served it purpose.

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