Friday, 26 October 2012

S is for . . . Social Media

So being a young mum and also being a member of Generation Y, people just generally expect that I'm up to date with the latest technology and how it all works. Well I'll let you in on a little secret.

I have no idea what i'm doing,

I decided to try and jump into this century by creating myself some social media pages. Well here is how that went.


Well I will admit that I was already apart of the facebook world for myself personally. But to create a page for the blog, well that was a whole other story. To begin with it took me 15 minutes to even find how to "create a page" Turns out you have to be on a "page" to do this. Well that the way I found it anyway.
Jumping through the hoops on facebook however wasn't to difficult. I managed to create a page (I think) that makes sense and represents the blog. I also already have one "like". We can of course ignore the fact, that one like is my own personal facebook. Hey, a friend is a friend. I think i'm a pretty good friend too.


This one was a totally new realm for me. I have obviously heard of twitter, but I have never used it before. I have no idea what-so-ever how it works or what your meant to do. So I looged on to the website and as with facebook I found it quite easy to set up. But actually using it. Well thats a whole new kettle of fish! I even googled, "how to twitter" and "Twitter for dummies" and well, to be honest, i'm still none the wiser on how it actually works.

So im going with the, "learn as you do" technique. So hopefully before the technology of twitter becomes obsolete, ill have figured out what i'm actually supposed to be doing.


I dont know how to link this one, So my username is crazycrunchychocolatemummy

 See already off to a bad start with this one. With the last two picturs, I considered myself very clever. I managed to link the pictures to my actual accounts (yep, i'm just that clever) but this one, I have absolutly no idea how to do that.

Although I think i gather the concept of this social media pretty simply. Take photos, add a cool filter, post for everyone to see. Easy, simple and well something I will love I believe. So those who chose to follow me, prepare for plenty of cute baby pictures, pictures of my puppy and probably the occasional pretty sunset.

So now,

I feel I'm a little more "up with the times" shall I say. But I still have plenty to learn!

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