Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Q is for . . .Quiet

Its 10pm, My other half is sleeping next to me and Ethan is quietly putting himself off to sleep on my other side. I love the little noises he makes, its almost as if he is singing his own little lullaby. It puts me off to sleep, thats for sure!

I love this time of day. There is no cooking or cleaning to be done, no screaming baby to settle, no talking, no noise...just silence. Beautiful, relaxing silence. I tend to just lay in bed and think about my day and daydream about life.

No matter how hard my day has been, 10pm is my wind down, the time I get to look forward too. Today was a bad day, its been long and tiring and sad to watch my little man, who is sick, just cry and cry and cry.

But its 10pm now and thats all forgotten. Instead I think about the smiles and the laughter and try and remember that tomorrow is a new day, the sun will rise on this new day and hopefully its a better one.

And of course, even if my day is just as bad, or even somewhat worse. I know that eventually it will be 10pm and it will all be ok.

That is of course until Thomas rolls over and gives me a wet willy...men!

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