Monday, 22 October 2012

F is for . . . Failure

So im new to this whole mum thing, I have never had to think about anyone other than me. Now all of a sudden I have a little person to look out for and a partner who works 6 days a week that I also have to look after. . . oh and of course the dog.
Anyway I have been quite proud of myself, in that I have created a cleaning routine to make sure I keep the house nice and clean for everyone.
Monday is washing day. So this morning I got up and put a load of washing on and continued to unpack. I then put the washing in the dryer and cleaned up some more
By about 2pm I was so proud of my efforts for the day and I actually felt like I was being a good housewife!
That of course had to end, I pullds the washing out of the dryer to fold it and put it away, only to notice a few whites had snuck into the dark load and I had created an array of ugly grey clothing.
Just wonderful, as soon as I thought I had it all down pat, I ruin clothes! Including one of Thomas' brand new T-shirts!
Oh well, at least Toms favorite color to wear is Gray. Its not all bad.

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