Friday, 19 October 2012

M is for . . .Madness

That is currently my life! I didnt even have the chance to pop in yesterday, honestly it was one of those days that by 10am your already wondering why you bothered getting out of bed and counting down the hours until its that time again.

From the very start of the day Ethan had decided that sleep was overrated and he would like to spend the day crying everytime I put him down. Im all about gentle parenting and so I had him with me for the entire day! Thank gosh for my "hug-a-bub" wrap that meant I could wear him and still pack.

Which is another reason for the madness. Moving house is horrible, its heavy and its dusty and its time consuming and well it just sucks! I have dust in places you dont even want to imagine and I havent even started the moving part yet. Thats whats in store for tomorrow. Also being as totally stubborn as I am, I refuse for the moving part to take more than one day! Its done tomorrow or ill keep moving until midnight!

Anyway as its time for me to go to sleep after the long hectic week I have just experienced, as well as knowing full well that tomorrow will be horrible, of course this would be the night my neighbours throw a party! We have been here almost a year and never heard anything from the house! What a way to send us off. Now to try and sleep to the calming lullaby of "doof doof" music!

Night all, I hope you get more sleep than me!

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