Sunday, 21 October 2012

B is for . . . Boxes

Ahh well the big move has taken place and as I wanted, it all happened in one day. Well the actual moving part anyway! Now my house is covered in boxes. In my mind though, this isnt totally terrible as it means I can just unpack in my own time.

My goodness moving was no fun at all. Its just such a long process and its dusty and heavy and horrible. I have now decided that im never leaving this house. If the landlord wants us out im going to be a squatter! I dont want to go through this again.

I'll tell you what though, its amazing how much stuff you can collect over such a short period of time. We only moved out 9 months ago and the stuff we gathered over that time ials crazy! I think thats the only good thing about moving, going through all this stuff. Getting rid of the junk and re starting fresh!

If change is as good as a holiday, then im enjoying a fantastic beach holiday :-) im just surrounded by boxes rather than sand and cocktails.

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