Thursday, 28 February 2013

S is for. . . School

Im back to school, its was the strangest thing being back in a classroom after a few years. Even stranger to be enjoying it! That never happens.
I am doing my Bachelor in Midwifery. And so far (all be it, i've only been there 4 days) I am loving it. Its hard work, but thats why i'm enjoying it. Its pushing me to get my brain working and learning again, its such a great feeling. I never though in a million years I would ever say that!

Its a LOT of hours though, Im there every single day. Which I was not expecting when I first applied. I had an 8 hour day today which killed me I am exhausted and so is Ethan. Its hard work but I know in te end it will be worth it. And I do get to come home and nap with my little man.

I am also very lucky and have the ability to leave Ethan with wonderful people in my life. My nan is watching him on a Monday and Thursday. Toms mum is watching him on a Tuesday and he is going to daycare on Wednesday.
And then Friday my amazing friend Jess will watch him for a little until Thomas gets home from work.

Its a huge commitment! One that I have struggled with, seeing my little mans face as I leave him every day is breaking my heart. I miss seeing him giggle and smile all day, I miss him pulling my hair and playing with my fingers. But at the same time, I know he is well looked after and that makes everything ok.

So I have traded in my slippers and pjs, for jeans and a tshirt.

I have traded in my cup of tea and toast for a coffee on the go

I have traded in my hours of breast feeding, to pumping in the car on my way too and from uni

I have traded in my poppy nappies and vomit, for lectures and tutorials

Even if it is just for a few hours a day, I miss everything and am always so eager to get home!

But I am so happy and its making the time I am home with Ethan even more amazing. Im appreciating every second like I never have before and its just wonderful to come home every day to his smiling face and knowing that he has had a great day, and i'm following my dreams.

If nothing else, thats what i'm getting out of this. That I hope one day Ethan can look back on this and see how hard I worked to achieve my dreams and goals and how anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it!

So today for Thankful Thursday I am thankful for so many things, for my wonderful family who have stuck by me and made all of this possible, for watching Ethan and being as amazing and supportive as they have been. I am thankful for the ability to be going to Uni to study Midwifery and the ability to achieve my dream! 
I'm also very thankful to the wonderful student who stopped today to give me her parking ticket so I didnt have to buy one, Thank you kind stranger, I will pass on the favour!

Its times like this I realise how truly lucky I am and how blessed I am to live this life. 

Of course I'm linking up with Leigh at "Six by the Bay" for Thankful Thursday! What makes you thankful? Head on over and link up, it will change your day, promise! 


  1. You call this following your dreams, I call this lazy parenting. Palming your poor child off so your child off so you can do what you want, what a great example you are.

    1. Good Lordy!

      Way to go, Anonymous! You have just insulted myself and every single one of my friends with kids.

      Lazy parenting? I double dare you to walk in our shoes.

    2. <3 I agree, trust me my week is so far from lazy. Comments like yours are just uneducated

    3. Anonymous - that is totally uncalled for !!! Did your Mom never teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all !!!!
      CCCMummy - honestly - don't 'listen' to a word of this - I am totally proud of you for what you are doing. I went back to work when K was 4 weeks old because we needed the money to give her a better future. It is called responsible parenting !!
      Love, hugs and positive energy to you K.

  2. It's called having a life Anonymous - perhaps you should bugger off and get one yourself instead of critiquing someone's actual life choices!

  3. It's called having a life Anonymous - perhaps you should bugger off and get one yourself instead of critiquing someone's actual life choices!

  4. Oh man just looking at your week makes me tired. You definitely aren't being lazy. You are setting up for your families future. Good on you!

  5. Oh Anonymous..... Go f@$k yourself!!!!!!!

    You are doing an amazing job and I look up to you hun!!! Keep chasing your dreams xxxxxxx

    1. Thank you so much! WHo ever it is, is a fool and has no idea how hard im working.
      Thank you for your support <3 xx

  6. I know my comment comes a bit late but just want to wish you best of luck with your studies! It's a big commitment but I'm sure you will do great!


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