Sunday, 3 February 2013

N is for . . . Nursery De-Clutter Part 2

I did it! I actually completed my first room for the Feb Clutter Bust.

The nursery is ready to sleep in! That is, as soon as we get the cot put up in his room. (Just because the room is ready, doesn't mean I'm ready)

So as you know from my last post, The room was quite a mess when I started. It turned into the junk room and, well it wasn't really ready for a bubby thats for sure!

But I have done it.

After completing my first goals, the last goals were easiest.

1. Arrange furniture
2. Decorate
3. Vacuum

And I did it! I haven't put the circus tent up over his Cot yet, as we want to put the cot in first, and find a way to secure it to the roof.

So here it is, the final picture!

I am so proud of the final product. This is the first time E has had a proper room and I really am looking forward to putting him in it. I just have to do it...

...Maybe next weekend!

So my final tips for the last steps of cleaning, which I think are the worst steps.

1. Keep going, when you can see the end is near, don't give up! Push on, the final product is worth it.
2. Write yourself a list of how you can keep the room like it is. For me I will be folding and putting clothes away instantly, Using the clothes basket next to the change table and no longer putting things in here to hide mess from other areas of the house.
3. Take pictures, so if it does start to get messy again, you can look back at the room and see how great it looks when its clean. Its the perfect motivation.

This is my before and after!

I'm so proud of my end results, that I cant wait to get into the spare room and de clutter tomorrow!

How is your de-cluttering going?


  1. How exciting to organize the nursery! My decluttering efforts are no where near where I would like them to be. I am a list making junky though, so there's hope.I like the idea of taking pics to motivate you.

    1. It is exciting :) Yes the pictures help for sure! I love the idea of lists too! they really help

  2. I just love a clean room, hate keeping it that way, we downsized from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom unit by the sea and have so much clutter, even a year later there's just so much stuff we don't have places for. Occasionally though, I do get a handle on it and it's awesome to see the nice clean spaces.

    1. Yep, i think the real challenge will be keeping it clean. The cleaning itself wasnt so hard.

  3. Very BADLY indeed, but I do like your tips - I love your before and afters they are motivational. My prob is that when I clean up one room I end up having stuff to put in another room! Displacement theory - ARGHH - Emily

    1. hahah this is what im battling! I moved a lot of it into the spare room,which is next on the list to clean. urgh its never ending haha

  4. I have been de-cluttering my place for the last three weeks and only this weekend have reached the stage where 99% of it is done and it IS such a great feeling!
    your room looks just perfect
    Josefa from #teamIBOT

    1. Isnt it just the greatest feeling!
      Good for you! I cant wait to get done :)

  5. I'm getting to be more a fan of decluttering these days. I've got a couple of projects to finish up over the next couple of days, and then I should be able to get into my linen cupboard!!


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