Monday, 28 January 2013

D is for . . . Disaster

I was pretty excited about doing some afternoon cooking today. I had already made some muffins for Thomas to take to work and they are frozen and ready to go.

I also made some rolls which I put in the freezer, this is my most favorite idea, that my mum showed me. (I guess you could say its a family secret ;) ) It keeps the rolls as fresh as they were today, and I can make a whole load of them today, that will last the rest of the week.
Luckily we had roast chicken for lunch so there was plenty left over, which works wonderfully in bread rolls for the rest of the week!

Next on the agenda was Muesli bars!

They look good right?

Well wrong, which is why I havent posted the recipe.

It needs some, well some pretty major tweaks.

As they look good here, about point five of a second after this was taken, they fell to pieces and turned into a really delicious mess! So i will work out the weeds in this recipe and post it again next weekend.

And hope to have more luck.

Other than that this weekend has been less than eventful, I did some washing, I actually made it all the way through my washing pile, which pretty much never happens.

And then I had to wear my little man, as his teeth are still hurting him, so I wrapped him on, and managed to get the mopping and the vacuuming done, and even the dishes. while he fell asleep.

So I feel like I got a lot accomplished this weekend and had some great bonding time with my little family!

I hope that the rest of you had a great weekend, and all of you that are in the line of the BigWet are staying safe, im sending you all of my good thoughts.

Question of the day - What has been your most tasty food disaster?

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