Thursday, 17 January 2013

B is for . . . Back!!

As in me, being back! I have missed the land of blog and im back and better than ever.

E's first christmas was amazing he was the perfect little man and got spoilt rotten! And we had an amazing time with both our families!

We saw in the new year, asleep! Which was amazing considering the lack of sleep that had preceeded the day.

And we spent a night away in Ballarat as a family which was one of the most beautiful and amazing mini vacations I have ever had. Time spent with the family is always incredible.

Little E is SIX months old now and we introduced solids with the baby lead weaning approach and he is loving it and is already an amazing eater. We are still working on getting him to love sleep as much as he loves food though haha.

And then there is me, im new and improved, im happier than I have ever been, im getting rid of those baby pounds and im super excited to update everyone on some hints and tips I have found.

So stay tuned, I promise its worth it!

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