Saturday, 1 December 2012

A is for . . .Advent of beer!!

Can you believe that Tom has never had an advent calendar before? I decided today that I would change that! I scanned Pinterest to find some cool, homemade advent calendars that I could whip up in a day and I came across some really awesome beer ones and knew thats what I had to create!

So here it is! A seriously simple and easy advent calendar, perfect for that beer lover in your life!

What you need?

A slab of beer (or premix of your choice, 24 in total)
Some scrap paper
Sticky tape
decorative items


1) Everyone has scrap paper when it comes to wrapping christmas presents, so instead of throwing it away, why not keep it and use it for craft. Like this one and also my christmas letters. Anyway, take some scrap paper and cut into pieces large enough to fit over a beer lid.

2) Roughly tape the paper, white side down, to the top of the lid

3) Then create numbers out of the coloured side of the wrapping. Because I wanted to get it done fast I just free hand, cut out the numbers. But you could stencil them or even print them on the computer! Although i'm happy with my final result.

4) Then simply decorate the outside of the box however you please.


and he loved it.

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