Friday, 30 November 2012

M is for . . . MIA

Ohh how I have missed my poor little blog these last couple of weeks! I have had so much going on unfortuantly my blog got put in the back seat! With christmas around the corner (Its December in 1hr and 15min and I havent started shopping) and a tiny teething bub to care for, life has turned a little hectic. But im back to stay.

Great news over the past few weeks is that ill be returning to uni next year. After a failed attempt at a "Biomedical Science" degree three years ago, ill now be following my dreams in a midwifery course! Im so excited but also completely terrified. Even though im lucky enough to have family that will watch Ethan while im at school, the thought of being without him is quite scary and because of this, I havent put the poor baby down in days.

Which isnt ideal in the crazy Melbourne weather we have faced these past few days. Its almost 11pm and still sticky and stinking hot. E just looks at me with these big sad eyes, must be strange for a baby who has never experienced heat, I wonder what he is thinking, apart from "gosh women, put me down!"

Anyway I have missed my blog and i'm back to stay. Now I have plenty of other blog posts to catch up on! Heat induced insomnia has its benefits.
Up at 11pm on my computer with a lemon lime and bitters catching up on some blog reading. Totally perfect!

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