Thursday, 8 November 2012

O is for . . . Organising

This is something I fail at. I find it way to difficult to try and organise my time. It seems that looking after a little person as well as myself, as well as keep the house clean, as well as provide dinner, as well as have an attempt at a social life. . . Is just too much effort.

Or it was anyway.

As stupid as it sounds, and as blantantly obvious as it seems, all I needed was a diary. I had never kept anything like a diary before. You see, before baby brain infiltrated my mind. It was a secure place that kept everything in perfect order. I never forgot anything, I remebered dates months in advance and even working and being out of the house 12 hours a day, I managed to keep a neat tidy house, and a warm steaming meal on the table for Thomas every night.

Then said baby arrived, and it was as if I let him loose with all the files, neatly filed away in my head. And he ran wild, pulling files out and throwing them all over the place...hence the baby brain im not (still) stuck with. I'm now at the stage where everything goes in one ear....and falls out my mouth somewhere along the way, im pretty sure it doesnt even make it to my brain.

So a diary I have invested in, simple solution really. But isnt that how life works? you end up overlooking the most simple of scenarios trying to be a super hero with a brain that doesnt work? Well here it is!

I try and plan all my social stuff a week in advance, so I can make sure im not doing something every day of the week. And the rest I slot in nap spots. Obviosuly this works better with E decides to stick so some form of a schedual which doenst always work. But this is how my week worked (last week)
 As simple as it seems, I personally find having it right there in front of you and being able to tick off items slowely as you do them, makes the horrid task of cleaning, just that little bit smaller.

It takes a number of small steps to climb a mountain, you cant do it all in one giant leap.

It really does work great, and you get the added accomplishment of being able to see exactly what you have done every day. Its like a little ego booster.

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