Monday, 29 October 2012

Z is for . . . Zoo

Today was an exciting day for our little family. It was our first family outing and we decided to head to the "Werribee Open Range Zoo" to check out some animals and enjoy some of the walking tracks on one of the first nice days the spring.

Ethan had a very grumpy morning this morning and I was a little apprehensive about taking him out, especially to pay the fee to get into the zoo, I was scared of being there for half an hour with a screaming baby and having to leave. But we decided to brave it. Thomas had the day off today and as he works 6 days a week its was nice to have a day to spend as a family.

We decided to put E in the pram when we arrived to see if would fall asleep. He seemed exhausted. But he was happy to lay in his pram and kick around for a while.

When we first got there we went through the walking track, its a 3km walk through bush lands and wet lands. It was so nice to get out in the sun, honestly within 5 minutes into the walk I was in the best mood! Sometimes all you need is the fresh air and the sun on your shoulders to increase your mood ten fold. We stopped at one of the look outs and took E out for some pictures, Although it was nice to be alone, it was kind of a shame that we couldnt get any photos of all of us. I need to get a tripod!

but here is little man with his dad

and with me
and on his lonesome
wow, i created one cute little man.

After the walk we went to look for some animals, unfortunately there were not a whole lot of animals out on display today. Maybe it was the heat, or maybe they weren't in the mood to be out in public. Either way, we did the animal walk but didnt see a whole lot.

Although we did see, what I have now decided are my new favorite animals, Hippos! They were so much fun, there were two of them splashing and playing around in the water, making their little noises. I sat there and watched them for at least ten minutes, and even there i didnt want to leave! I went to pick Ethan up to show him, well he was already asleep!

He then slept the entire remainder of the day. So I guess he didnt really get to enjoy his first zoo experience! although it didnt seem to take away from our day. It was so nice to get out and spend the day with Thomas in the sun. We have never really hit any hard patches since E has been born, but it was nice to rekindle some romance in the sun!

I had the most wonderful day and it has really helped my mood which I was struggling with. Im now as happy as can be and even though E missed out on his day, he too is in a very happy mood this evening. Its happy faces all around!

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