Saturday, 27 October 2012

B is for . . . Big kid at heart

I have a 3 month old, obviously not quite at the age to be enjoying movie night with the family. I however am still a massive Disney movie fan and when I saw Toy Story 3 was on tele tonight I knew I had to tune in.

See what I love about Disney movies is the multi-level humour. A 3 year old can watch it and enjoy it, but so can a 30 year old. The best part is always when you see a movie like this, that you havent seen for years is rewatching it in a whole new light.

I remember seeing movies such as Toy Story and Shrek and Monsters inc. As a child and hearing my parents laugh at a semingly unfunny part of the movie. But now I get it. Its such a fabulous idea and I think that Disney pull it off wonderfully, creating a movie the whole family can enjoy.

So i settled in with my grandma blanket and slippers at 6:30 on a Saturday night and watched Toy Story 3 with Tom. I laughed and I cried and I enjoyed every dam second.

I'm the kind of 21 year old who really knows how to rock their Saturday night ;-) not to mention in bed by ten!

I love my life and I wouldnt change it for the world!

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