Monday, 6 May 2013

B is for. . . Bath time fun

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Sometimes I feel like I'm not playing with Ethan enough, or that we are doing the same things and playing the same games all the time.
So I decided to mix it up a little and im going to be posting some good and bad ideas that I find for playing with little people, and fun ways to interact with them.

Last night we made bath time a little more interesting.

Bath time balloon fun!
(never take your eyes of children in the bath, especially with balloons, if popped they can become a choking hazard)

This one is as simple as it sounds. I filled a normal birthday balloon, with water. Using different shapes and sizes. I then let dude play with them in the bath.

Let me tell you, he loved it!

If you had older kids you could also fill the balloons with other objects! Toys or marbles or even glitter (if your that brave) Balloons make for such an easy fun way to enhance play.

Ethan was trying to pick up and hold the smaller ballon, which is great for his developing motor skills.

Play absolutely matters! and I look forward to sharing more playtime treasures with you!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

W is for. . . Weekly wisdom

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Whats the saying?

You learn something new every day?

I believe this with all of my heart, it might be something as simple as the spelling of a word or something more important about yourself or others.

So I have decided to set up my very first linky!

Its call Wisdom of the week!

If you learn something new, why not share it with everyone? so we can all enjoy new knowledge.

Each Monday the linky will go up and it will close of a Sunday! Ill then share my favourite post on Sunday night with links back to your blog!

So please share your smarts and help me get my first linky up and going.

This week I learnt...

That Robert Downey Jr just keeps getting better! The Mr and I went to gold class to see Iron Man 3 and it was out of this world incredible! I loved the first 2 and was actually worried about the third one being a let down. Im so very glad I was wrong!

The story line was fantastic, as far as superhero movies go it was very believable and the characters where just as fantastic as ever! I renewed my RDJ crush and started a new one with Gweneth Paltrow who looks smoking hot in the movie.

It really is a must see if your a fan of action movies, especially if your a marvel fan! Its also a great way to spend some down time with someone important to you, it could be a partner or just your bestie, but a night out at the cinemas did wonders for the Mr and I.

Image from Dr.Google images

So link up guys, What have you learnt this week?

Make sure you give the other blogs a read too, spread the love guys!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

J is for . . . Juggling

Juggling, a cool trick that clowns do?

Yes, but no.

It's also something that many families deal with every single day. The juggle between, being a mum, having a clean house, having a social life, working or studying and being a partner.
Some people are fantastic at this.

Me, on the other hand?

Well all it would take is a look inside my house to see that things aren't spotless. Its something im struggling with.

im at uni, every day. Somedays for 3 hours, some for 8 and its not a shock, that I miss my little man to no end when im gone. So when I am with him, I want to spend all my time playing around with him, giving him cuddles and reassuring him that ill always be here, even when i'm not.

And then with study, as soon as he goes to sleep I try and catch up on a weeks worth of tute questions and lecture notes. For those of you studying or who have studied in the past, will know, it can be never ending!

So how do I sort it out? how have I managed to spread myself among all the tasks I have to do?

Planning! I have written up a plan for housework in the past, this one is more specific that for sure.

but very simple.

Each day I write up at least 3 items that need to be done around the house. I then make sure that every time E goes down for a nap, I complete one of these. He has 2 naps a day and then bed time at the end of the night. So I complete the 3 tasks by bed time and I find myself feeling more accomplished!

I also let the little stuff go by, i'm not going to put his toys back in his toy box every time he goes to bed, because he is just going to pull them out again, and that fine! Choose your cleaning battles I say!

As for study, I do it for the reminder of his nap time. I will do some at bed time and my wonderful partner looks after E for a few hours on the weekend, out of the house. So I can have some peace and quiet study time! Which I truly appreciate.

Also coming into winter, I will be making full use of my slow cooker! Such an easy way to prepare delicious meals and so quick! Something I can leave on all day and have a beautiful meal at the end of it! Just perfect!

And lastly, I make sure there is time for Thomas and I to just be, us!
Of a night time we can sit in bed and just chat about our day. It might not be anything important, but just getting back to basics and really talking to each other.
And then on he weekend we might get a bottle of wine or some chocolate and watch a movie in bed together. Just really simple things, that help us to reconnect. I think this is such an important part of relationships after children.

So it might not be perfect, My house might not be spotless, we might not have gourmet dinners every night, we might not get to enjoy romantic evenings anymore.


Im studying hard, and getting good marks, we do eat, the house is clean enough and my little man gets as much one on one time as I can possibly give him.
And to me thats a juggling success.

So my key points?
-Plan, (Meals, chores, and friends)
-Enjoy (every little moment you can, with kids and partners)
-Be proud (of everything you do, no one is perfect)
-Prioritise (MOST IMPORTANT, if your having one of those days, and just need to spend a little extra cuddle time with your kids, then do it! the cleaning will always be there tomorrow)

What tips do you have for the juggle of life?

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

W is for . . . Where for art thou Crunchy?

Where am I?

Here I am!!

The juggle between uni, motherhood, Love and a somewhat clean house, left little time for my poor neglected blog! I miss the relaxation of writing and connecting with the wonderful people I have guess what?

Im Back!

and better than ever! I have posts scheduled, products reviewed, training to (re)start and a blog to show some love too! I just hope it missed me as much as I missed it.

What has happened since I left?

Well I have a 9 Month old! Yep 9 months! and boy oh boy is he clever!
He claps and waves, he hi fives and shakes his head to say no. He says dad, nan, ta, this (what this?) hi, yeah, no and tries to say pup (he gets the pah out) still no mum (its ok, its not like i birthed him and feed him or anything)! He also pulls up on EVERYTHING and took a few steps behind his walker today!

Oh and he has no hair...

...and no teeth. But he is totally perfect! (mumma brag over)

I have totally nerded myself out, I spend all my spare time studying. Which as crazy as it may sound, is amazing! Im loving my course so much and I even have my first placement coming up soon!
Being a midwife is going to be fantastic, im even considering a placement for a couple of weeks overseas. But we will see how that goes!

Life is busy, its stressful and its totally crazy fitting everything in on very little sleep (im sure he will sleep through eventually right?) but it is amazing, I am more happy than I have ever been in my life!
I have found my calling
my happy place
I feel like I am on the exact path im meant to be on!

Bring on the future!

Whats new with everyone else?
Update me on the goss!

Monday, 18 March 2013

S is for . . . So it begins

This week is the start of my get Tri ready challenge!

I have devised a training plan for the week that will hopefully help me not only get fit, but healthy too. I am at a happy weight at the moment, so i'm not so much doing this to lose kilos, but to help get my fitness from, well nothing. To hopefully able to complete a triathlon in a few short months.

So here is a basic look at my week and how I will be fitting exercise in. Trust me, If I can do it, so can you!


When Ethan goes down for his afternoon nap I will use The Biggest Loser for half an hour. Followed by my simple 5 minute super work out! Fastest way to get your body pumping!


After dinner, the whole family will go on a 5km walk together. (obviously this activity is weather dependant, if it is raining I will substitute by doing the 5 minutvve work out followed by my yoga dvd)


I dont start Uni until the afternoon so I will be doing a morning walk with Ethan and the dog. Then we will do a family walk after dinner again. Ill also be doing the 5 minute workout again!


Is a hard day for me as I have uni all day. But I will try and get in at least a walk in the evening, obviously weather dependant


Again I have uni in the afternoon so I will do a morning walk with Ethan, then in the afternoon I will do all three of the 5 minute workouts!


With my Mr home I will be tackling my first run. It will not be a straight run but rather, ill be using the interval training method, in which I will run for 30 seconds and walk for 30 seconds around the block. it will only be short but I have to start somewhere!


The family and I will be going into the streets of the annual festival we have here. Im sure there will be lots of walking completed!

That is my biggest tip when it comes to training, especially in the early stages! DONT push it to hard, if it hurts (physically) then stop! But if its more a mental pain, push through. I believe that working out and being fit is just as much a mental thing as it is physical.

Also, look at your day to day activities, If you get to the end of the day and feel you haven't done anything, look back at your day. Did you spend time cleaning the floors? chasing your kids? doing the food shopping? or even having sex! Then you have burned calories and it is all better than sitting on your bum doing nothing!

My plan for the first few weeks is just an introduction back into fitness. I don't want to push my body  hard that i break down this early on. Just a smooth transition into fitness.

Bring it on!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

F is for . . . Five Minute workout!

I am not a personal trainer, these exercises are just things that I, myself do at home!
Make sure your stretch all your muscles before you do any kind of work out and wear proper supportive clothing and foot wear and have a safe place to workout!

lll be posting my first training plan tomorrow in hopes to get Tri ready!

Ill be easing my way into it for the first few weeks and I have made up a bit of a plan for a quick little workout that can be done at home in 5 minutes.

Perfect for when your waiting for your spaghetti to cook

Or when the news is on

Or even in the add break of your favourite show.

This is the level one training program. It will get harder as I go and of course i'm not claiming to be any kind of personal trainer. This is just something I have been doing for a while and I enjoy getting my blood pumping and burning a few calories during the day.

So here we go!

There are 3 kinds of work outs.

1- Move that body.
(all exercises are done in one 45 second intervals with a 15 second break between each activity)

  • 45 seconds light jogging on the spot
  • 45 seconds skipping rope (no rope required, can jump on the spot and twirl your arms)
  • 45 seconds star jumps
  • 45 seconds high knees (running on the spot with your hands outstretched by your hips, making sure your knees touch your hands)
  • 45 seconds light jogging on the spot.

Sounds super easy right? Give it a go I guarantee it will get your blood pumping.

2- The Butt burner
(all exercises are done in one 45 second intervals with a 15 second break between each activity)

  • 45 seconds light jogging on the spot
  • 45 seconds of lunges (up and down the hallway works well)
  • 45 seconds of squats
  • 45 seconds of butt lift (Lay on the ground with your knees bent, push your hips in the air hold for 5 seconds, then go back to the ground. Repeat)
  • 45 seconds light jogging on the spot
3- The Arnie arms
(all exercises are done in one 45 second intervals with a 15 second break between each activity)

  • 45 seconds skipping rope (no rope required, can jump on the spot and twirl your arms)
  • 45 seconds push ups
  • 45 seconds prone hold ( lay face down on the ground, bend your arms and straighten your body, hold your body weight up on your elbows with only your elbows and feet on the ground
  • 45 seconds chair squats (grab a chair, put your arms on either side of the seat and lower your body towards the ground)
  • 45 seconds skipping rope

Now you can do one of these, 2 of them or all of them and i bet you will sweat more than you expect to with a 5 minute work out.

The best thing about these is, if you find it really easy, you can repeat the activity, do more than one activity or up the time! its that simple to make the workout that bit more tricky.

Lik i said this is basic, next week ill be doing a little bit more challenging exercises and ill be putting up my first youtube vid! (how exciting)

If you give it a go let me know! 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

G is for . . . Get Fit

So im on my aim to get Tri ready is underway!

It has been dealyed a little due to the heat and trying to get into a rountine with uni life! But im on track now and starting next week I will be putting up my training plan and and eating plan for those who are playing along.

Anyway I just wanted to share one of my biggest secrets when it comes to fitness.

I struggle so much when it comes to finding the motivation to get out of the door to go to the gym or go for a run. So for the last few months I have been using "The Biggest Loser" game on Xbox kinect and I cannot believe the difference.


 This is not a paid review, I am not receiving anything in exchange for this review, the company is not even aware I am writing this. I am just wanting to share my secret with my readers

I am in no way a fan of the show itself. Infact I don't really like the show or the concept. i do however love the game.

When you first log on, you have to create a character, you are then able to do a fitnesstest. RThe test starts out at a beginner level and then gets harder as the time goes on. Thes test lasts for 20 minutes and is hard work. The point in this is to examine where you are at physically and what ares of your body need more work. 

The game then makes up a fitness regime for you in which you can choose the kind of workout that suits you best, it might be 10 minutes a day all the way up to an hour and you have the option of doing things such as yoga or boxing.

The ability to do a different workout every day and adjust the time depending on how your feeling or how much time your able to give, really is convenient! The trainer is up on the screena nd you follow along with them. The kinect sensor shows you on the screen and the trainer will let you know if your doing well or you need to improve, for example, lift your knees or jump higher. I find this to be really motivating and helpful.

There is also a part within the game that allows you to be challanged, this is my favourite part and I trya nd do one at least once a week. It puts you up against the computer to complete tasks such as jumping or running on the spot. It is hard work and although the challenge may only last 5 minutes, it makes me feel well and truly exhausted and like I have had a great workout. It also makes working out that little bit more fun and pushes you fruther and harder than just having the trainer on the screen.

I would advise of course, using proper workout shoes when using "The Biggest Loser" as it can be quite hard on the ankles and its important to have the support of a good shoe. I also would try and have a blank wall behind you, I have a couch behind me when I use it and sometimes the kinect sensor struggles to pick me up and even if im doing an exercise correctly, it will tell me i'm doing it wrong.

This really has been a great motivator for me gettign fit after Ethan was born, it helped me lose 10kg and 2 dress sizes. If you have an xbox and want to get fit, I would recommend this game to you! It really is fantastic!

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