Thursday, 14 February 2013

S is for . . . Seven

E is seven months old today, seven! How on earth has seven months gone past so quickly? Its just the blink of an eye, and he grows.
I had heard about his for years, people say, enjoy them while they are young, they will grow up before you know it. I could never believe that. That cant be true?
well they were right, its so true.

Its such a bizarre feeling. As he grows up, i'm sad that he is closer to a toddler than the tiny little newborn that I bought home.

7lbs 5oz. He was much smaller than my giant belly lead me to believe I was carrying. I was expecting a 10 pounder!

I get sad because I miss being pregnant. It was just the most wonderful experience and i'm so lucky to have got to have a little person grow inside me.

But I can also see the amazing, happy side of this. The fact I have grown a little person inside me, who I birthed, and have then helped grow, helped learn about the world.
I cannot believe the changes in him in the last couple of months. He has gone from a baby who layed on the ground for 10 minutes then ate and slept. 

To a little person who is all about exploring the world.

He scoots around, plays with toys, he entertains himself for at least an hour. I love watching him discover things, seeing him pick up something and examine every crease and every shine. He is amazing, he learns so fast, it blows my mind!

He is eating real food now, pretty much whatever we eat, he is learning to pick things up and eat them himself, hold his sippy on his own and chew with his sharp little gums

He is even standing holding on to things, no crawling as yet, but he still gets himself around! He is just clever and we have been blessed with a wonderful baby, who is happy and healthy and generally smiley and wonderful!

So today, the day he turns 7 months, I am totally thankful to have such a clever, happy and healthy little person! I'm thankful I got to carry him around inside me for 9 months.
Im even thankful for the 60 hours of labor that got him here safe and well
and im happy that I have been the very best mummy I can be, and made sure that he is safe and enjoying life, to the very best of my ability.

But all in all, im thankful he is growing up! As hard as it might be i'm thankful for his wonderful ability to learn and grasp new concepts and his curiosity to discover new things.

Its "Thankful Thursday" people! My favourite day of the week with my favourite blogger Leigh over at "Six by the Bay" what have you got to be thankful for? Go and share!


  1. What a little cutie you have there!!!

  2. What a cute little guy you have there! Yes they grow quickly. I can vouch for that! Happy 7 months to him and well done to you! You had an adorable pregnant belly - lovely photo. xo

    1. It does, it goes so quickly! Thank you, I loved my pregnant belly :) xx

  3. Very cute! It's an amazing journey being a mother! x

  4. I am so proud of you!.. Thankyou so much for giving us Ethan to love and watch grow. I love you. Mum

  5. Hi Kate

    It is amazing being a mum ever better being a nana and grandad. your parents will have more fun than you because they can spoil him as much as they like and give him back so if he has had too many sweets you have to put up with him being sick etc etc thats why Grandparents have a better time with grandchildren - but we love our own just as much he is beautiful faye

    1. Oh I totally agree, they love him so much and they love spoiling him. He is a very lucky little man to have such amazing, supportive grandparents! Will have to bring him in for a visit next week!

  6. He is adorable!!!! It does fly by so fast... not fair! Thanks for linking up! xx


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