Friday, 25 January 2013

A is for . . . Australia

Ahh thank goodness for a long weekend this weekend!
Isn't it amazing how that extra day, makes all the difference? Whether it's an extra day with the family or an extra day on a holiday or even just an extra day for a sleep in, everyone loves a long weekend.

But, is that all we care about? How many people actually know what the day is for?
So here is a little history. . .

Australia Day, which has also been known as Anniversary day and Foundation day, is a celebration of the first fleet that landed in Sydney in 1788 and made this British land, called "New Holland"Although it wasn't celebrated as Australia day until almost a decade later.

Australia Day is now a public holiday in every state and territory around Australia and Australia day eve is when the Australian of the year is named.

Although there are now calls to change the name of "Australia day" to "Citizens day", and this seems to have divided the country. There are facebook groups and Twitter hashtags, social media is going crazy.
Even though the actual celebration, is when we became a nation. Its not a day for only "born here, Australians" to celebrate nor is it a day to celebrate "Australians" Its a day to celebrate our incredible country, to look at what we have and how lucky we are to be here and to have the things we have.

So I hope that people can relax and enjoy the day and remember the meaning behind it.

Personally i'll be celebrating with a traditional BBQ, with a few cold beers and making sure I see the people who are most important to me.

How do you celebrate? and what are you views on the name change?


  1. It'll always be Australia Day to me.
    I'm celebrating by going to the Keith Urban concert on Saturday night - appropriate huh?
    We'll have a BBQ with friends on Sunday.
    Happy Australia Day and thanks for linking up!

    1. oh i am so jealous! I love Keith!! that sounds like the most perfect way to celebrate!
      Your welcome, I enjoyed it

    2. We are going to Keith tonight too! Unfortunately weather too crap for any traditional Aussie day things like BBQs and the beach etc.

  2. It will be a simple day for us , I'm cooking roast lamb in the BBQ for dinner !
    Hubby might be busy on the tractor and I might take the kids to the Zoo.

    1. oh Lamb Roast, that sounds delish. Very Aussie of you.
      The zoo also sounds like a great idea! have fun

  3. I am trying really hard to do the Aussie thing, for the children. I gather that it means going to bunnings for a sausage, then having pav at home? Am I close yet?

    1. As long as you add a cold beer in there somewhere then that sounds perfect!

  4. Seeing my oldest Aussie pal and his family - about to blog about it!

    1. Oo I look forward to giving it a read.
      Spening the day with someone special is the perfect way to spend the day


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