Monday, 19 November 2012

N is for . . . New and Improved

Hi all,

as you can see I have now updated my blog a little, its still not completely how I want it to look, but its well on its way and I'm happy enough with that for now.

As you can see i'll be doing different bits and pieces depending on the day, just to give my blog a little more direction I guess. other than that ill still be updating with my daily antics and ill keep on learning about the world of blogging :)

Today is M for making, but I have had a pretty busy day, Im changing up Ethan routine a little and this afternoon he hasn't enjoyed the idea of sleep, so my craft activity has been pushed back. Ill do it tomorrow and update for everyone. Hopefully after a bit of sleep I wont feel like my eye balls are hanging out of my head!

So ill update tomorrow. Have a great night everyone!

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